About Us

Australian Indian Medical Graduates Association is a not-for-profit organisation for Doctors in Australia. We have a wide range of services, such as bringing community awareness to health topics of interest, celebrating the achievements of our local Doctors and striving for a better community though charity events, fundraising and ongoing medical education.

Who We Are

Australian Indian Medical Graduates Association [AIMGA] (Incorporated in NSW, 1992)

What is AIMGA (formerly called OAMGA)

AIMGA is an association of doctors in Australia, which works as an instrument to protect and enhance the professional interests of its members, and promotes harmonious relationship among its members, between its members and members of other medical associations in Australia and helps create a good citizenship among its members. Membership is open to all doctors, whether qualified in an overseas medical school or an Australian medical school.

Objectives & Activities

  • To help enhance the knowledge of medical and allied health sciences among its members
  • To protect the honour, interests and well being of its members
  • To promote a cohesive work relation between its members and other professional medical bodies.
  • To organize regular CME meetings and other meetings, one of which is the Annual General Meeting [AGM], along with annual dinner. Office bearers are elected in the AGM.
  • To publish CME newsletters
  • To organize conferences, both national and overseas, to enhance and maintain the professional standards of its members.
  • To promote better understanding between its members and states & federal medical institutions and other professional associations.
  • To liaise with other professional bodies like State Medical Boards, Australian Medical Council [AMC], Australian Medical Association [AMA], National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition [NOOSR], Community Relations Council, and other associations like Australian Doctors Trained Overseas [ADTO] to help achieve a fair go for its current and potential future members.


Discover how our professional practices are developing new connections and enhancing medical knowledge globally.

Our History

Learn about the struggles, triumphs and developments that make AIMGA what it is today.